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    Autor:Radrigán N., Catalina; Beers, Elizabeth; Alvear D., Andrés; Fuentes C., Eduardo

    Serie Documental:Chilean Journal of Agricultural Research

    N° Publicación: v. 81(3) p. 398-407

    Based on the importance of using low-risk compounds to protect beneficial agents, the present study evaluated the acute toxicity of lethal and sublethal concentrations of the insecticides thiacloprid, pyriproxyfen, and ...


      v. 81(3) p. 398-407123.0Kb
    Radrigán N., Catalina, Beers, Elizabeth, Alvear D., Andrés y Fuentes C., Eduardo (2021-07) Acute toxicity of lethal and sublethal concentrations of neonicotinoid, insect growth regulator and diamide insecticides on natural enemies of the woolly apple aphid and the obscure mealybug [en línea].Chillán, Chile: Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias. Chilean Journal of Agricultural Research v. 81(3) p. 398-407. Disponible en: (Consultado: ).