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    Autor:Ceballos, Ricardo; Contreras, Américo; Fujii, Tatsuya; Nojima, Satoshi; Fuentes C., Eduardo; Arraztio, Diego; Garrido, Álvaro

    Serie Documental:Chilean Journal of Agricultural Research

    N° Publicación: v. 82(3) p. 437-447

    The European grapevine moth (EGVM), Lobesia botrana (Denis & Schiffermüller), is a severe pest of grapes, since detected in Chile in 2008 has been subjected to an official control program by the Chilean Department of ...


      v. 82(3) p. 437-447379.8Kb
    Ceballos, Ricardo, Contreras, Américo, Fujii, Tatsuya, Nojima, Satoshi, Fuentes C., Eduardo, Arraztio, Diego y Garrido, Álvaro (2022-07) Successful controlling of Lobesia botrana (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae), using meso-dispensers for mating disruption in urban areas [en línea].Chillán, Chile: Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias. Chilean Journal of Agricultural Research v. 82(3) p. 437-447. Disponible en: (Consultado: ).