[Caracterizacion del aroma de jugo de uva enriquecido con subproductos de vid usando termomaceracion]


Autor:Martinez, Rafael; Valderrama, Natalia; Moreno, Juan; Bruijn, Johannes de

Serie Documental: Chilean Journal of Agricultural Research

The need to reuse grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) by-products avoiding negative environmental impact demands the search for new valorization methods like thermomaceration. The combination of grapevine by-products and grape must may be an alternative to get hold of additional aroma. The objective of this study was to assess the aroma potential of grape pomace, grapevine leaves and canes for País (PA) and Lachryma Christi (LC) cultivars to enrich grape must. Fifty aroma compounds were identified in the samples using stir bar sorptive extraction followed by thermal desorption, gas chromatography and mass spectrometry. ‘País’ must showed high contents of esters with a characteristic fruity odor, while benzenoids prevail in LC must giving a phenolic, balsamic odor


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Martinez, Rafael, Valderrama, Natalia, Moreno, Juan y Bruijn, Johannes de (2017) [Caracterizacion del aroma de jugo de uva enriquecido con subproductos de vid usando termomaceracion] [en línea]. Chilean Journal of Agricultural Research. Disponible en: https://biblioteca.inia.cl/handle/123456789/33577 (Consultado: ).