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    Autor:Ovalle M., Carlos; Martínez G., Ingrid; Uribe C., Hamil; Prat, Christian; Pozo L., Alejandro del; Valderrama V., Natalia; Ruíz, Germán

    Serie Documental:Chilean Journal of Agricultural Research

    N° Publicación: v. 80(4) p. 640-649

    The agroforestry activity of central Chile is developed under Mediterranean climate, characterized by long periods of water deficit conditions, particularly on hillsides with degraded and compacted soils. The objective ...


      v. 80(4) p. 640-649638.6Kb
    Ovalle M., Carlos, Martínez G., Ingrid, Uribe C., Hamil, Prat, Christian, Pozo L., Alejandro del, Valderrama V., Natalia y Ruíz, Germán (2020-10) Effects of soil and water conservation technologies on the establishment, growth and survival of three tree species [en línea].Chillán, Chile: Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias. Chilean Journal of Agricultural Research v. 80(4) p. 640-649. Disponible en: (Consultado: ).