Regeneration responses of Guindilia trinervis Gillies ex Hook. et Arn. (Sapindaceae), an endemic chilean plant for biodiesel production


Autor:Jordán Z., Miguel; Gebauer, Marlene; Neumann, Jorge; Parada, Gloria; Prehn R., Doris; Velozo, Juan; San Martín, Ricardo

Institución:Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias. Centro Regional de Investigación Carillanca

In vivo and in vitro regeneration of G. trinervis, "Guindilla", a Chilean native shrub bearing seeds exhibiting a high concentration of oil; suitable for biodiesel conversion, are reported. Different features aimed at effective propagation of this species were studied; these comprised size and cutting position, hormone levels and season. Distal and proximal cuttings, as well as single-node cuttings formed roots in the presence of different levels of indolebutyric acid (IBA) but also in controls, without plant growth regulators. Rhizogénesis was observed in cuttings excised from adult plants from the field or juvenile plants grown in the greenhouse. Under in vitro conditions also shoot-tips initiated roots regenerating plantlets. Seeds showed high viability and germination up to 95%. Both methodologies, asexual and sexual regeneration, appeared as satisfactory making possible to scale-up and to select useful traits from elite plants

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