[Sobrevivencia de semillas Nothofagus y Fagus después del secado y almacenamiento]

Autor:León L., Pedro

Institución:University of Reading

Seed survival in response to desiccation and dry and cold/warm storage was studied in six Nothofagus species from Chile (N. alpina, N. obliqua, N. glauca, N. leonii, N. dombeyi and N. pumilio) and two Fagus species (F. sylvatica and F. crenata). The majority of Fagus sylvatica and F. crenata seeds survived drying to about 3% moisture content (in equilibrium with 10% RH), but viability was reduced more rapidly during storage with reduction in moisture content below about 7.6 - 11.5% moisture content (40-71% RH). This optimal moisture content was independent of storage temperature. Survival at -20 C with 7.6-11.5% moisture content over 730 days was good, but neither better nor worse than at 0 C. F. sylvatica and F. crenata thus show intermediate seed storage behaviour. Therefore, long-term seed storage under standard genebank conditions (-20 C and 5% moisture content) is not feasible for these species. A range of optimum combinations of seed storage temperature and moisture content was identified for F. sylvatica, broadly -5 to -20 C with 7.8 to 11.5% moisture contents. Seeds of all six Nothofagus species studied tolerated desiccation to low moisture content (values in equilibrium with 10% RE) and survived during cold storage (0 to -20 C) at low moisture contents for at least two years. At warmer temperatures (10 to 40 C) in air-dry storage, the response of the longevity of Nothofagus seeds to environment conformed to the improved viability equation of Ellis & Roberts (1980a). The lowmoisture-content limit to the negative logarithmic relation between seed moisture content and longevity for N. alpina and N. obliqua at 65 C was estimated to be about 4.8% (15% RH at 20 C). Thus these six Nothofagus species show orthodox seed storage behaviour and can be stored safely over the medium term (up to 10 years) at 0 C with 7% moisture content (for commercial storage) and long-term in genebanks at -20 C with 5% moisture content

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