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    Autor:Orrego V., Raúl; Abarca del R., Rodrigo; Lara U., Claudia

    Serie Documental:Chilean Journal of Agricultural Research

    N° Publicación: v. 81(4) p. 618-629

    The Köppen-Geiger classification is one of the most common climate classification systems in the world. It allows classifying ecosystem distribution based on temperature and precipitation, two critical factors in climate, ...


      v. 81(4) p. 618-629758.5Kb
    Orrego V., Raúl, Abarca del R., Rodrigo y Lara U., Claudia (2021-10) Spatial dynamics and consistency of agroclimatic trends in Chile during 1985-2015 to the Köppen- Geiger climate classification [en línea].Chillán, Chile: Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias. Chilean Journal of Agricultural Research v. 81(4) p. 618-629. Disponible en: (Consultado: ).